Vera wang and evan lysacek dating

) The two were photographed holding hands in public, apparently no longer afraid of getting caught.Related: Miranda Says She 'Hung Up' On Interviewer Who Asked About Gwen Stefani!The pair have certainly sustained a friendship over the years, but now there's speculation that there could be more going on.

I didn’t want them to cry if I lost like they did when Michelle Kwan lost at the Olympics. I don’t sit with losers.’ She didn’t know I was going to win, no, but she had a very good feeling it was my moment.

But I was sitting next to Anna Wintour, and she said, ‘Get your daughters here .

"There are days I'm not happy I did it, but there are days I'm thrilled- I mean, he has always understood my nature, which is that it's always about product," Wang told the magazine.

But the New York Daily News has now reported that Lysacek has moved in with the iconic fashion designer.

Vera referred to Arthur as “my husband,” telling Mallis, “He is someone that will always be in my life.” Their shocking split last July led to speculation that he would have to leave his role as an adviser to her wildly successful business.

But Wang — likening their relationship to the iconic couple played by Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal who worried sex would ruin their longtime friendship in the 1989 Nora Ephron romantic comedy — told Mallis, “He’s never not been a part of the business.” She also dashed chatter of an affair with Olympic skater Evan Lysacek, which was sparked when he stayed at her Beverly Hills mansion last summer, branding it a “rumor” and adding she was just his mentor.

This comes just two days after Evan's ex Staci Felker posted to her Instagram that she was "moving on" after her previous post about Evan ghosting her.

Vera Wang has opened up about the breakdown of her marriage to Arthur Becker, saying, “We were like the original ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ ” In a “Fashion Icons” discussion with Fern Mallis hosted by the 92nd Street Y and Martini Sparkling Wines, Wang said despite their separation after 23 years, she remains very close to Becker, with whom she has two daughters, Cecilia and Josephine.

Wang, who wed Becker at 39, had previously described herself as “the girl nobody thought would ever get married,” confessing she used to “live” in the Vogue closet and at Studio 54.

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