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Segregated movie theaters are part of the "southern way of life." In many places there are "white-only" and "colored" cinemas, in other places seating on the main floor is limited to whites, while Blacks are restricted to the "Jim Crow" balcony, often with a separate ticket booth and entrance.While school integration sparks the most intense resistance by segregationists, in many communities their determination to maintain segregation at recreation venues such as theaters, swimming pools, and skating rinks is almost as fierce.When they are denied admission, they refuse to leave and are arrested for Trespass.

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White racists are obsessed with inter-racial sex — "miscegenation" — "race-mixing." The idea that Black males might sit next to their white wives, sisters, and daughters in a darkened movie house stirs their deepest phobias in ways that lunch-counter integration does not.

The Northwood theater is adjacent to Morgan State, a Black college in Baltimore.

For more information on the Alabama Civil Rights Movement: Books: Alabama Movement Web: Alabama Movement February 1963 marks the begining of the 4th year of direct action assaults on segregation since the first Greensboro Sit-in in 1960.

Across the South, local campaigns carry on the struggle in communities large and small.

Under Lingo's command, the Highway Patrol is renamed the State Troopers.

It is expanded and transformed into Alabama's armed force for defending segregation and suppressing the Black freedom movement with arrests and brutal violence.

Bail is set at 0 (equal to ,500 in 2012), which few can pay.

Morgan student Julia Davidson-Randall recalls: I was arrested along with about 300 people. When we were arrested, everyone was crying and scared because they had us in jail with the real criminals.

More than one hundred Black protesters show up at City Hall on the day of Sam's trial — the first mass protest by Greenwood Blacks in living memory.

Sam is sentenced to 6 months in jail and a 0 fine.

In mid-February of 1963, they sharply escalate their protests.

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