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Handled = True End If End Sub Private Sub Data_Key Press(sender As Object, e As Key Press Event Args) Handles Data. Here's a simple one, let user's freely type their entry then trap the error later: Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Text) 'This check if entry can be converted to 'numeric value from 0-10, if cannot return a negative value. I don't want it to take a string or any number above 10. Key Press '97 - 122 = Ascii codes for simple letters '65 - 90 = Ascii codes for capital letters '48 - 57 = Ascii codes for numbers If Asc(e.

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Key Code for 'Space' Key is '32' which is also not needed. ") Try ' If something bad was entered delete the last character obj Txt Box.

If you want to exclude Symbols also from entering into the textbox, then include the below condition also in the 'onkeydown' property. Key Codes from '90' to '222' which are other symbols are also not needed.

Show("Please Enter a valid Email Address", "Information", Message Box Buttons.

White End If End If End Sub End Module Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System.

Only_Email) End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Key Press(sender As System.

Key Press Dim tb As Text Box = CType(sender, Text Box) If Not Is Numeric(e.

Handled = True End If End Sub Public Sub OCHAR_Leave(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Handled = True End If End Sub Public Sub Not Null_Leave(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

I'm fairly new to (self taught) and was just wondering if someone out there could help me out with some code.

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