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An apparition of a traditional First Nations warrior has been reported.

No cemetery was available to him, so he was buried in an unmarked grave on the island to which he had fled.

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Spirit is believed to be Walter Herzog who is said to have been murdered in 1973. Neighbours have seen an apparition in an upstairs window of a man with a handlebar mustache. A dancing First Nation warrior’s apparition has been reported, similar to the Pender Island apparition.

Cedar Point, De Courcy Island, and Valdez Island are all connected to the historic Brother XII cult, which has been linked to paranormal activity around the historic properties on these islands as well as in Cedar.

(Previous Tourism Nanaimo building) “Several” apparitions have been seen and poltergeist activity has been reported.

Doors open and close on their own, and are often locked unexplainably.

People across Vancouver Island have left comments about their experiences at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to share your own, please feel free to do so.It’s commonly stated that this island’s “the most haunted island in the Pacific.” Many people have died in the mines beneath Newcastle, and at least one person died when it was briefly a smallpox colony.This forested park’s most famous ghost, however, is that of Peter Kakua, a Hawaiian axe murderer who killed his wife, in-laws and infant daughter.In 2004, Vancouver Paranormal Society claimed to have captured some video evidence and the image of a bearded man in “the grain of the wood.” Kanaka Pete was incarcerated here before he was hanged.Previous business’ staff had seen the apparition of a woman in an old-fashioned dress “gliding” down the stairs, or in the kitchen. The spirit is said to be a former head dancer who was killed when the location was a strip bar, but there are no records of this and it would not explain the old-fashioned dress.Activity occurs in a nearby pub as well, where “mist” and “fog” apparitions are seen, voices are heard, and poltergeist activity is reported. ) Poltergeist activity is reported and footsteps are heard.

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