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This study is a diagnostic approach that assists system operator about any voltage violation cases that would happen during adding new load to the grid.The process of identifying the optimal bus bar location involves a complicated calculation of the power consumptions at each load bus As a result, the DPL program would consider all the IEEE 30 bus internal network's data then a load flow simulation will be executed.The first cluster delineated stations that characterise Awgu sandstone geological formation, while the second cluster delineated Agbani sandstone geological formation. They all possess large grain with exine pattern all croton while only J.

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Gene George, Kevin Ark Kumar Abstract: Due to increasing concern on potential impact of materials on human health and environment, the materials used in hygienic applications should be durable, corrosion resistant, clean surface etc.

Type 2205 duplex stainless steel is a preferred material for use in biomedical, pharmaceutical, nuclear pressure vessels, chemical tankers etc., it exhibits good mechanical strength and high resistance to corrosion.

Mohamed Saad, Mohd Ali Tofigh, Farah Zaheeda, Ahmed N AL-Masri, Nordin Bin Othman, Muhammad Irsyad, Ahmad Abbas, Erhab Youssef Abstract: The electric power utilities seek to take advantage of novel approaches to meet growing energy demand.

Utilities are under pressure to evolve their classical topologies to increase the usage of distributed generation.

Also respondents depend largely on farming related activities for generation of income in the study area.

Furthermore, it was found that the major challenge of the farmer-members is inadequate fund, poor education and illiteracy among most members, conflict among members and lack of access to farm input.

The CA grouping of the borehole parameters showed similar trend with PFA hence validating the efficiency of chemometric data mining techniques in grouping of variations in the borehole characteristics in the geological zone of the study area. The infrared analysis proved that the ligands are bidentate and thus coordinated to the Zn (II) ion through their azomethine nitrogen atom and the oxygen atom of the carbonyl / carboxylate ion (COO-).

From the UV analysis, a four coordinate tetrahedral structure was proposed for the complexes. D ABSTRACT: The study examined the effect of membership of cooperative societies on the economic activities of farmers as well as the determinants of their income in rural Nigeria, focusing on Anambra State.

The study shows that G.711 and G729 codecs in a simulation gives a significant result for the performance of Vo IP that codec G711 and G.729A has acceptable throughput and less deviation of received to transmit packet as compared to GSM and G.723 also average delay like end to end delay and Voice jitter is lesser in codec G711 and G.729 as compared to the other two referenced codecs. However, beef recorded the lower values than in camel meat as (4.60 and 5.11) respectively.

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