Validating citizen watch

The distant witnesses, the watching audience, they matter.

So we started thinking, what if you could tap into that power, the power of distant witnesses?

At least seven people died and many, many more were wounded.

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And it could be as simple as this little app that we created that just shows the perpetrator on the other side of the phone how many people are watching him.

But now, imagine that you could put a layer of computer task routing on top of that.

Why is it that so much more video is not leading to more rights and more justice?

And I think it is because being an eyewitness is hard.

Now, when you are a child, that's a great thing, because you can basically get away with anything, like "Yes, Mama, it was me who smoked the cigars." But I think this is why I have dedicated my life to promoting citizen video to expose human rights violations, because I believe in the power of video to create undeniable truths.

And my organization, WITNESS, helped use the Congolese videos to help convict and send a notorious warlord called Thomas Lubanga to jail.Now, justice for the people for Oaxaca is still far off, but their stories, their truths, can no longer be denied.So we started thinking: What if you had "Proof Mode?Now, metadata is the kind of information that your camera captures that shows the date, the location, the temperature, the weather.It can even show the very unique way you hold your camera when you capture something.Now, imagine there is a deluge of images coming from the world's camera phones.

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