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Retention window brackets are visible onscreen and may be grabbed and dragged onto a peak, widened, or narrowed with the mouse.

The component table is automatically updated when a retention window is graphically modified.

Before going any further, check out this compatibility chart to be sure which features supported by your browser.

Add, delete, and arrange the displayed chromatograms using the buttons in the 3D display window.

The point of view may be placed anywhere on an imaginary sphere around the data, using the click-and-drag interfacealmost like flying around the data in a helicopter.

attribute, a constraint is automatically added and the fields are validated automatically when the form is submitted.

The browser also displays an error message in a very user friendly way if any validation errors occur.

Save any changes you make in an analysis to a control file and use it again and again for method reproducibility.

Control files contain temperature or gradient programming, component external events, channel details, integration, postrun actions, and more!

Validating web forms has always been a painful task for many developers.

Performing client side validation in a user- as well as developer-friendly way is really hard.

Create a control file for each method you typically perform.

The number of control files you can have is limited only by your disk space.

Baseline projection may be "rubber-banded" from point to point, forced to a valley, dropped vertically, skimmed, etc.

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