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Moreover, we are free from insurance company and governmental requirements.

Because there is a vast difference in these two (head vs.

heart knowledge), Christian counseling, at Abundant Life focuses upon the Truth (heart knowledge) that brings freedom in the heart of a person’s life and/or circumstances.

Unfortunately, just as not all secular counseling is the same, not all “Christian counseling” is the same.

This was discussed in “Lifetime Guarantee” by Bill Gillham (1993), a portion of which is paraphrased below.

Choosing the right counselor is one of utmost importance because you are the one to whom it will or will not benefit.

Christian counseling is a relatively new field of ministry that uses Biblical principles to help set people free from sin, any satanic/demonic activity, unresolved issues from the past and to facilitate relational healing.

This diagnosis will become a part of a person’s medical record/history.

In some cases, this diagnosis may limit a person’s (including children and teens) future employment options.

his question is easy to answer because people may need help for various reasons.

Seeking help does not mean a person is weak or incapable of overcoming conflicts on their own. Proverbs states “Where no counsel is the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” There are some Temperament types that do well without outside help, while others will need help.

This may be less expensive for insurance plans to pay for therapy that utilizes medications versus therapy alone.

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