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This similarity included their sensitivity to the effects of alcohol, as assessed with the Self-Rating of the Effects of alcohol (SRE) form [5].Nevertheless, despite consuming the same, relatively high levels of alcohol, a group of drinkers still claimed to be hangover resistant.

Because the brain receives a rapid blood now, high concentrations in the brain are achieved rapidly.

By default DUI Professional calculates the elimination minimum and maximum to one standard deviation.

This idea of the stimulation of the immune system being involved with the alcohol hangover has received some research attention.

For example, in healthy male social drinkers, Kim et al.

Identifying how hangover-resistant drinkers differ from those who do experience hangovers may help to elucidate the pathology of the alcohol hangover, an area that, to date, has received little research attention [6].

The immune system is one candidate mediator of the alcohol hangover.

compared blood cytokine concentrations during the hangover state with those observed on an alcohol-free test day [9].

Blood samples were taken 13 h after drinking alcohol and during the placebo condition for measurement of cytokines following phytohemagglutinin stimulation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Although most social drinkers experience a hangover the day following an evening of heavy drinking, some drinkers claim to be hangover resistant [2,3,4].

A recent study that directly compared social drinkers who experienced hangovers with those who claimed to be hangover resistant revealed that, in general, the characteristics of both groups were comparable.

DUI Pro uses the following absorption rates as default settings: These rates may be modified. The distribution of ethanol in the body is governed by partitioning between water and fat.

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