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Keith just upgraded mygig to 2010 map disc it comes on singular dvd and has sn code that is uniqe to the car via vin number 200 notes including vat allows 4 digit post code now all i need is them to fix the software to allow my iphone to work and life would be good.Mods done so far: mygig system software: 2.402 Gracenote: EU 2.059 / Lockpick V3 / 2010 Map Upgrade Ipod AV Input cable installed / Clear helix side markers / Reverse Camera / billet door pins / DVB-200 Diverity DVB-T Tuner PVR with 32gb divx media player.

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On one hand, you have a 6'8" billionaire NBA-team owner backing a startup car company that wants to build natural-gas hybrid cars without battery packs.

As of Monday, four Chrysler plants, including the factory in Sterling Heights, Michigan, that produce the Chrysler Sebring...

I mean, why would you want to enter your exact destination with a full post code like on a 'normal' sat nav? To be fair, Chrysler is not alone, a lot of car manufacturer's built in sat nav's have the same failing.

Overall, I find it actually works very well in the UK and has a lot of useful features.

It also appears that once you use a newer disk, you can't go back to the older level. Yeah, the old DVD based systems were expensive and shit.

Luckily I don't do too much traveling so it's not a problem!I checked my disk today and it is part number 56038650AC so it is very old now.I believe from my local dealer that the latest version is AI. Read More»It could be a tough week for Chrysler as it escalates a battle with the newly bankrupt supplier Plastech-engineered products.Curious how the 2008 Sebring compares to other years?With DVD playback, navigation, Sirius satellite radio, and even a hard drive to store music on, the My Gig was Chrysler's answer to the growing problem of keeping their customers happy with the stock entertainment system in their new vehicle. Some were built by Harman-Becker, some by Mitsubishi (Sircodyatl wrote that if the icon with a face is on the right side, it’s made by Harman; if it’s on the top left, it’s made by Mitsubishi).

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