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We will use HTML5 and Java Script at client side, with PHP at server side.

With existing models such as AJAX, the code in a Web page would continually ask the server to supply new data, but the onus was on the client to request the information.

updating text files using php-53

In our example server side script we simply generated random numbers, but in your own projects you can carry out other server side processes such as fetching data from different sources, sending fresh information to your users without their browser having to request these updates each time.

Check out this tutorial in action here: Pushing Updates to the Web Page Demo Sue Smith works as a Web/ software developer and technical writer based in the UK: see for details.

We now need to create the server side PHP script to send updates to the page.

Create a new file and save it “send_sse.php” or another name of your choice, as long as you amend the Java Script Event Source code above to reflect the correct name and location.

These frameworks are always cropping up, some good, some bad.

One of the better is React, which has been put together by the team at Facebook.

Of course your own pages may execute functions on user interaction, but for the purposes of this demonstration add the following script at the end of your page, before the closing body tag: The script first checks that the browser supports the Event Source model.

If it doesn’t, an error message is written to the server data page element instead.

The placeholder text should only appear when the page first loads, but will disappear when the script runs.

Because we want the function to continue receiving and handling updates, we add the script section in the body of the page.

I create a lot of websites that allow administrators to upload files to their own website.

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