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Players fight each other with the goal of destroying the opponent(s) forces.

Within each race, each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses which makes SC2 a lot like a big game rock paper scissors (Unit A beats Unit B, Unit B beats Unit C, and Unit C beats Unit A)!

matched up with a random partner also in the game queue) -2v2 (arranged - i.e.

In the lower divisions, players use cheap and gimmicky tactics (fast rushes, cannon rushes, etc) to win games.

In the Diamond League, you end up with a lot of great games and good players and I find I have a lot more fun playing at that level.

), so you will get the inside scoop on how to win games from the best players in the world.

Brackets in Starcraft 2 In SC2, players can now play in a variety of ranked brackets, such as: -1v1 (you versus another player) -2v2 (random - i.e.

It protects you from early rushes, transitions neatly into the mid game, and can occasionally result in a win if you catch a Zerg opponent going Hatchery first. If you are new to Starcraft 2, enjoy playing the game, and want to be competitive and win more games in online play, there are some core concepts you should take the time to learn.

Many of the pages on the left provide specific game strategies and counters, but regardless of the match-up, there are a few principles you should master if you want to be a great Starcraft 2 player: Starcraft 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to popular computer game, Starcraft.

After reading and implementing the strategies on this Starcraft 2 strategy guide, you should be able to leap-frog into a higher, more competitive division!

The higher level divisions are more fun because you are much more likely to have a good partner and good competition.

That's one of the areas where this Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide will come in handy; there are a lot of different variables and strategies you can use given all the different units and races.

I will give a lot of great strategies and secrets for winning plus review some of the top guides put together by the pros (there are people who play Starcraft for a living!

The real draw for most players is the online play, although the campaign is quite fun as well.

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