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For information about responding to the Equifax data breach: Legal Assistance Advisory on Equifax Breach, Oct 2017 For concerns about updating SGLI beneficiaries on the SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES): Legal Assistance Advisory on SOES, 21 Feb 18 Legal Assistance Handouts Special Power of Attorney * Powers of attorney can be drafted through the above link and brought to our office for notarization.

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Updating sgli

“Soldiers no longer have to go through their unit’s HR professionals to update their coverage and with SOES there isn’t a need for a paper trail.

SOES stores the SGLV 8286 right within the system.” As a backup, technicians are currently working on an interface so that once the SGLV Form 8286 is completed in SOES it will automatically export a copy of that form to the Soldier’s Personnel Electronic Records Management file (i PERMS) within a 24-hour time frame.

Army Human Resources Command Casualty and Mortuary Affairs branch chief.

“There really is no downside to SOES,” said Hatten.

NDW and its branch offices are organized into departments and divisions that provide services in the functional areas of trial counsel, command services / administrative law, court reporting, ethics counseling, command administration and legal assistance.

NDW provides military justice and command services legal advice to area commands.

Process Maps and User Guides are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format and will open in a new window.

Visit the Human Capital Management Military Human Resource Business Process Standardization (MHR-BPS) Publishing Site on the CG Portal to learn about Context Models and Process Models.

While that portion of SOES is expected to be finished soon, there is no official date for its completion.

With the new system there is an added convenience to the process, but Soldiers need not panic if they haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and plan their coverage.

If the file you need is not included in this list, please let us know via the search form.

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