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Unless you have a support contract with Oracle or a license for Java SE Advanced products you will not be able to get security updates for JRE 7 from Oracle after April 2015 and it is not advisable to keep older versions of Java on your system.

Nevertheless on Windows systems, if you would like to continue to have both versions, JRE 7 and JRE 8 can be installed on the same computer.

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When you update Java on a computer, it is installed as a separate copy rather than upgrading, updating or overwriting existing versions.

It maintains previous major versions of the Java runtime because Java programs are dependent on one particular version of Java.

Note that in some cases users might not have older JRE version available or -in the case of OS X users- might be unable to launch more than one JRE version through the browser.

Until April 2015, Oracle will continue to provide updates to JRE 7 via our public download sites.

If an application has specified JRE 7, and you have both on your system, JRE 7 will be used.

OS X users can only access one JRE version through a browser; other versions might be available in the system but will not be available through the browser.Instructions to install or update Java for Windows computers.The Java website provides a very useful FAQ for Installing, Updating, Configuring and Removing Java for Windows XP, VISTA, and Windows 7 for 32-bit or 64-bit systems (external link to the End of Public Updates for Java 7 in April 2015, if you have a valid support contract for an Oracle Product that requires Java, or an Oracle Java SE Support contract, you can download the support versions of Java from My Oracle Support.Oracle will continue to provide updates for JRE 7 for our customers with support contracts after the End of Public Updates to JRE 7.The Java auto-update mechanism is designed to keep Java users up-to-date with the latest security fixes.

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