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If this is not the case, an attempt to add or update records may cause problems, as you will need con.

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There is one minor problem, which occurs if you click on the Update Record button before the first record has been displayed in the form (try this for yourself to see what happens). We will now look at the code needed to delete a record. As an exercise, see if you can amend the code to eliminate any potential problems. As a final exercise, you may wish to complete the program by adding the requisite text boxes and labels, and generally improving the look and feel of the user interface.

When you re-open the application, you should find that the changes you made have been saved. As an exercise, try to identify what circumstances cause an error, and try and amend your code to eliminate any problems. As with the previous code we have written, you will probably find that under certain circumstances, use of the Delete Record button causes a problem. The application is obviously far from complete, since at the moment it displays only the first and last names of the contact.

You can test the code to ensure that it functions correctly by running the program again, making some changes to the first and last names in the first record, and closing the application down again. Update(ds, "Contacts") Msg Box("New Record added to the database") btn Commit. You may note certain circumstances under which the program generates an error when you click on the Commit Changes button. Update (ds, "Contacts") Navigate Records() Most of the code here should by now be fairly self-explanatory. Test the code by running the application again and deleting a record. The code exits the subroutine after displaying an appropriate message, without executing the code that follows the statement.

This second parameter is optional, but may make the code more readable. You can test the Add Record button by running the program and trying it out. Delete() max Rows = max Rows - 1 inc = 0 Navigate Records() da. If the user clicks on the Yes button, the code that follows the statement will be executed (i.e. If the user clicks on the No button, the delete operation will be cancelled.

Parameters 'The last parameter in this overload of Add allows you to specify a column name to bind to .

Integer, 4, "Product ID") End With '~~~~Parameters: Direction 'Because the source Column was set this output parameter will insert the correct new identity ' Product ID retrieved from the database cmd Insert. Update (ds, "Contacts") Msg Box ("Record updated") The first line of this amended code (the first addition to the procedure) creates an object called a ), and the meaningful name that we gave to the dataset (in this case "Contacts"). The remaining code simply displays a message that informs the user that the new record has been added to the database, and restores the buttons on the form to the state they were in before the user clicked on the Add Record button. No Then Msg Box ("Operation Cancelled") Exit Sub End If Without going into too much detail, the message box displays two buttons (Yes and No). The next two lines after that add the new record to the dataset and update the database.In order to see a different record, we need to use a different row number. Open() sql = "SELECT * FROM Contact" da = New Ole Db. In fact, we can scroll through the entire table by incrementing the row number to view each record in turn. Update(Data Set data Set, String src Table) at Learning ASPNET. 'For an Ole DBCommand, use question marks instead of naming the parmaters. Connection = cnn '------------------------------ '------------------------------ '~~~~Parameters: Adding to Command 'Add parameters to the Data Adapter Command object's parameters collection.

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