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Engineered by Jesper Johnson; Mixed by Toni Kimpimäki; Mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy at Veneto West Studios, CA. Recorded at Redfive Studios & Burned Land Studio during May - October 2014...

(Comments by Marcelo Trotta)Billy Sherwood is back to PR&PM once more!

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But Minutian delivers the final strike with the magnum opus, Aphelion () a Progressive-structured track, which starts on a psychedelic sonic mattress, instilled with bittersweet melodies that grow in intensity, drama, and epic feeling, until its final conclusion on Redeemer () the magnificent Post-Metal ballad that closes the album.

A really solid and experienced band, Minutian has shown on their sophomore album some pieces of music that are placing this band on the right way to conquer fans of Post-Metal, Post-Rock and Heavy Prog, from the cohorts of admirers of bands such as: A Perfect Circle, Tool, Deftones, Oceansize, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree, Black Noodle Project, Swallow The Sun, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Bring Me The Horizon, The Ocean, Anekdoten, and so on, to whom Minutian is highly recommended.

Ruokolas interaction with the other instrumentalists Mikkola on the deep sober bass, and guitar players Johnson and Loponen create polyrhythmic arrangements that surprise and mesmerize the listener with their power, heaviness, and dynamics, pushing the music ever forwards, to new ambiences and atmospheres.

As a counterbalance for this strongly mathematical song-approach, rise the highly emotional vocals of Mikko Heino, a singer that knows how to convey basic feelings with his voice, restraining the most explosive outbursts of anger with hopelessly inflections of melancholy.

Sherwood would return to Yes as a support musician on the tour of their album Talk (1994).

He became an effective member of Yes in 1997, and took part on their studio albums Open Your Eyes (1997) and The Ladder (1999).Billy Sherwood's career started with Lodgic, formed by his brother Michael Sherwood.Soon Sherwood formed his own band, World Trade, which included guitarist Bruce Gowdy.Minutian retook their routine of live presentations, calling other guitarists in replacement to Jernberg.In September 2013, touring guitarist Pekka Loponen joined Minutian as a full-time member, and Minutian's line-up stabilized with: Mikko Heino (vocals), Jesper Johnson (guitars), Pekka Loponen (guitars), Jouni Mikkola (bass), and Antti Ruokola (drums).But in February 2012, a tragic accident seized the life of Minutians guitarist, Jaakko Jernberg.

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