Updating mac os x

You'll need to use the --install command or visit the Mac App Store to actually initiate the install.

Lastly, to download and install all available updates for your system, type the command: softwareupdate -i -a Using these commands, you'll be able to leave the update to download and continue to install in the background while you get on with other things.

If you're sick of waiting for the progress bar to complete every time you reboot after a mac OS software update, then you'll be pleased to learn there's another way to update your Mac that could potentially reduce your downtime.

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In our tests, we found that this method was capable of shaving off several minutes of idle time during installation restarts, but that the time-saving depends on the machine and the update in question.

Users with older Macs in particular will likely appreciate this tip, as it saves having to fire up the Mac App Store altogether, which can be slow-going and sometimes even downright unresponsive. Before following these steps, ensure you have a full backup of your system, which should be par for the course when performing any update.

If you run softwareupdate as a normal admin user, you will be prompted for a password where required.) As some users will no doubt be aware, there are several additional options that can be used in conjunction with the softwareupdate utility.

For example, -schedule on/off enables/disables your Mac's scheduled background check for updates.

All being well, Terminal will eventually prompt you to restart your machine manually so that the full installation procedure can complete.

(Note that the softwareupdate utility requires admin authentication for all commands except the -l or -list command.

You can turn on automatic updates and it will download in the background.

How to turn on automatic updates for mac OS Sierra Let us know in the comments!

(We cover preparation steps in the first section of our guide showing How to update mac OS on a Mac.) But in this article we cover possible solutions to try if your Mac freezes up in the middle of an update.

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