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We recommended that, in addition to using Ksplice, you continue to use your package manager to update the kernel on disk as new kernels become available.

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Ksplice Uptrack Access Policies When new rebootless updates are available for one of your distributions, we'll send an announcement to your technical contact address.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel is custom built by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel team to ensure its integrity and compatibility with supported hardware.

By default, Ksplice Uptrack will reinstall rebootless updates during the boot process. If you'd like to see it for your distribution, please contact us.

After Ksplice Uptrack is installed, a panel icon will notify you when new kernel updates are available, as shown in Figure 1: Figure 1.

To enable autoinstall, set flag during installation. It is a scalable way to ensure that updates get installed quickly as they become available, regardless of when they are released.

Please note that enabling autoinstall does not mean the Ksplice Uptrack client itself is automatically upgraded.You can set access policies for an individual machine or groups of existing machines as well as set a default access policy for new machines.For example, you might use a default deny policy, in which machines that have just installed Ksplice Uptrack cannot receive updates from the Uptrack servers until you specifically authorize them (see Figure 8): Figure 8.Get an in-depth look at your machine's status on its machine detail page, where you can see the available and installed updates, basic system information, uptime, and when the machine last communicated with a Ksplice Uptrack server, as shown in Figure 7: Figure 7.Ksplice Uptrack Machine Detail Page Want an extra layer of control over which machines using your access can use the Ksplice Uptrack service?A Ksplice Uptrack subscription comes with a Web interface that summarizes important information about your machines and will tell you if Ksplice is currently working on new updates for your distributions. See what machines are up to date and what machines need attention in one easy summary on the Overview page shown in Figure 6: Figure 6.

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