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It will help you fix Invalid B-tree node problem occurred on the disk drive.It will further resolve errors like – 3) Fix Mac disk using Stellar Volume Repair Though helpful, fsck isn’t the sure shot method to repair corrupt external/internal hard drive.

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Upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 to another drive that offers larger storage capacity has been, for years now, the most preferable workaround for the unpleasant storage limitation issue of PS4.

More than a year ago, when you try to upgrade PS4 hard drive to larger than 2tb, you’d have to deal with the errors it caused in the system due to the lack of support from PS4 system for capacities beyond 2tb limit.

Unfortunately, the on-line drive documentation I consulted when selecting a drive was incorrect, and I ended up with an AF drive.

I’m running W7 – which supposedly supports AF drives. First, a note about how I ended up with an AF drive.

Step 2) Now, shut down Mac and press the power button. Step 3) Stellar Volume Repair will run in the bootable environment.

Click Repair button to repair corrupt directory of the startup disk drive.

Note: In a case of an external drive or a non-startup disk, you don’t need to create bootable USB.

With the help of the Volume Repair utility, you can fix HFS formatted SSDs and traditional hard drives.

[Update – 12/07/2016]: Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Platinum Edition is a package of Mac data recovery software and Volume Repair utility.

This Edition helps the user to recover files from corrupt or inaccessible hard drives and repair the logical damages done to the hard drive.

You’ve just been bitten by the new Advanced Format (4k-byte sector) hard drives.

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