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Each tutorial is available in C# and Visual Basic versions and includes a download of the complete code used.

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The files, which, like their SQL Server counterparts, are automatically added to the Server Explorer.

If you don't want to use any of the SQL Server options, you can always download a Microsoft Access version of the Northwind database file and drop into the directory.

Assuming you have SQL Server 2005 Express Edition installed on your machine you should see a node named NORTHWND.

MDF in the Server Explorer, which you can expand and explore its tables, views, stored procedure, and so on (see Figure 2).

Alternatively, you may connect to a Northwind database installed on a database server.

If the database server does not already have the Northwind database installed, you first must add it to database server by running the installation script included in this tutorial's download or by downloading the SQL Server 2000 version of Northwind and installation script directly from Microsoft's web site.The Northwind database, for example, has These methods, when invoked, will connect to the database, issue the appropriate query, and return the results. These methods could simply return a Data Set or Data Reader populated by the database query, but ideally these results should be returned using strongly-typed objects.A strongly-typed object is one whose schema is rigidly defined at compile time, whereas the opposite, a loosely-typed object, is one whose schema is not known until runtime.We've got a lot to cover in this first tutorial, so fire up Visual Studio and let's get started! To accomplish this, go to the File menu and choose New Web Site, displaying the New Web Site dialog box. NET Web Site template, set the Location drop-down list to File System, choose a folder to place the web site, and set the language to Visual Basic. Create a New File System-Based Web Site This will create a new web site with a file.Before we can create our Data Access Layer (DAL), we first need to create a web site and setup our database. With the web site created, the next step is to add a reference to the database in Visual Studio's Server Explorer.Furthermore, when we build the Typed Data Sets for the DAL we'll need to point Visual Studio to the database from which the Typed Data Sets should be constructed.

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