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If the tips to improve Intel HD Graphics performance do not provide enough graphics boost for you, you should consider upgrading your Intel HD Graphics.

Desktop users can do this pretty easy - they simply need to get a mid-range dedicated video card, insert it in a PCI Express x16 slot and voila, they will be able to enjoy games at their fullest.

If you don't know what you're doing, you can do more harm than good to your laptop.

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Grasp the face of the drive, and pull it out of the laptop.

Remove the main hardware compartment cover near the center of the laptop's bottom case, and the secondary hard drive compartment in the lower-right corner of the laptop.

The HP dv7 laptop ships with the Ge Force 9600M-Series graphics card.

In the case of the HP Pavilion dv7, you must completely dismantle the computer.

Grasp the top edge, tilt the keyboard upward slightly and unplug the keyboard's ribbon cable from the motherboard. Locate the speaker assembly that runs along the top edge of the motherboard.

Unplug the speaker cable from the motherboard, and remove the speaker device from the laptop.Remove the Phillips-head screws fastening the graphics card to the upper-left corner of the motherboard. Repeat this procedure in reverse to install a new graphics card, and reassemble your laptop.When I check my PC for Windows 10 I get the message : "This PC can;t run Windows 10. I have an Acer Aspire Z5710 desktop, running Windows 7 with all updates installed. The graphics card is not visible in the Devise Manager either.If you're looking to boost your laptop's overall video and graphics performance, replacing the internal graphics card, or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), is necessary.Disconnect the main LCD video cable from the graphics card in the upper-left corner of the motherboard.

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