detailsview dropdownlist not updating - Updating detailsview not working

This solves every problem I've ever had with finding controls!

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If you have used Sql Data Source control with the Grid View, Form View or the Details View and updating the data in the database using the Update Command and Update Parameters of the Sql Data Source control then you might be familiar with this error.

The error " Thank you for fixing this problem for me. me again, Further to this tutorial's help - do you have any pointers as to how I can validate the fields in a detailsview update?

You will set the following properties: These properties receive the name of the method that handles the corresponding operation.

Within that method, you provide the logic for interacting with the data.

But I need to clear some combos below as the selection, if altered in the to box, needs to be re-selected.

Sounds simple but from the above Items Requested I cannot find the other combos in the edit template. Marcus Hello Marcus, I am not sure that I understand the issue.

Why do you cast the Rad Combo Box "rcb_vehicle Model" to ASP.

NET Drop Down List(these two controls are absolutely different)?

Another way I've found to get around this issue with data source objects looking for controls inside the context of a Details View or Grid View control is to actually place the data source control inside the item/edit item template that has the controls you wish to reference.

This might not be ideal for all situations, but it certainly works. Those control parameters had the "Bind" verbiage in them. I have to say I find this to be very unintuitive as it took me a couple of hours of searching for the solution for this.

This series starts with introductory material and moves to more advanced concepts in later tutorials.

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