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Segment’s native client-side libraries (analytics.js, i OS, and Android) have the ability to pull in client-side dependendencies for , Segment includes some additional mapping logic which pulls the third-party library for your destination into the browser or our SDK.

We then translate your tracking events into the format that the tool expects in their native API, and send that data directly from the user’s device to the destination’s servers.

Two are Snapmirrored hot/cold (A/B) and the third is a Snapvault destination (C).

They want to be able to failover from A to B, reverse the Snapmirror to go from B to A, and then re-source the Snapvault to pull from the new prod data center (in this case, B).

There are two primary factors that dictate whether we build and support Device-based or Cloud-based Connection Modes (or both! Cross-domain and Cross-application Anonymous Attribution: On mobile, even anonymous identifiers are generally persistent.

This allows us to build Cloud-based destinations as the default.

If the list view mode is selected, you can sort destinations by registration number, destination type, or registered name.

When you frequently send data by broadcast transmission, it is convenient to use a Group that groups multiple destinations.

When a directory server such as the LDAP server or Active Directory is used for user management, you can search for a destination (E-mail address or fax number) from the server.

Use SSL to encrypt a communication with the server; you can make communications more securely.

Once you've tracked your data through our open source libraries we'll translate and route your data to in the format they understand. Segment has four types of sources: Web, Mobile, Server, and Cloud App.

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