Updating assemblyinfo

Use the following steps to build the app for release: Each of these steps is described below in more detail. The refers to an icon file that is located at Resources/drawable/(note that the extension is not included in the resource name).This attribute can also be declared in the file Properties\Assembly Info.cs, as shown in this sample snippet: statement if it is not already present.Pro Guard removes unused Java bytecode, which makes the resulting app smaller. Android apps usually achieves about a 24% reduction in size – using Pro Guard on larger apps with multiple library dependencies typically achieves an even greater size reduction. The Enable Pro Guard option is available only when the project is set to Release mode.

It is not possible to use AOT Compilation to compile assemblies into native code (currently only an experimental feature, and not for production use).

The AOT Compilation option (on the Packaging Properties page) enables Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation of assemblies.

Although it does not support Visual Studio for Mac, you can use Dotfuscator Community Edition (CE) with Visual Studio to obfuscate managed code and inject runtime security state detection code into a Xamarin.

When this option is enabled, assemblies are bundled into a native shared library.

This option keeps the code safe; it protects managed assemblies by embedding them in native binaries.

This option requires an Enterprise license and is only available when Use Fast Deployment is disabled.If you find that switching to the Release build causes your app to lose a permission that was available in the Debug build, verify that you have explicitly enabled this permission in the Required permissions list as described in Permissions.Even with debugging disabled, it is still possible for attackers to re-package an application, adding or removing configuration options or permissions.Bundle assemblies into native code is disabled by default.Note that the Bundle into Native Code option does mean that the assemblies are compiled into native code.This allows them to reverse-engineer, debug, or tamper with the application.

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