dating a brazilian girl - Updating a file using random access

Before inserting records into the file, move the values into the record buffer and then perform write verb.

Once the record is written, it is no longer available in the record buffer. SELECT STUDENT ASSIGN TO OUT1 ORGANIZATION IS SEQUENTIAL ACCESS IS SEQUENTIAL FILE STATUS IS FS.

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The record last read by the Read statement is deleted in case of sequential access mode.

Delete verb can be performed only on indexed and relative files. In sequential file organization, records cannot be deleted.

Let's assume that the file present on Mainframes have same content as file in the above example.

On Mainframes server, we do not use text files; instead we use PS files.

It can be used only after a successful Read operation. Following is the syntax to read a record when the file organization is sequential − IDENTIFICATION DIVISION.

File should be opened in I-O mode for rewrite operations.

I am using a random access file in which i want to delete a line which satisfies some condition like if i have records MCA 30 MBA 20 BCA 10 now my requirement is if i enter MBA then second line is to be deleted.

Generally, removing an item from the middle of the file means rewriting all entries after the entry so as to use the space the item occupied.

Currently i can write to the file, create new records etc.

However i cannot edit a particular record, im sure i have to use file seek function but i have no idea where to is some of my source code to give you an idea of where im at Do While (Not EOF(1)) And found = False 'loop until no more records or the record is found nosrecords = nosrecords 1 File Get(1, onestudent, nosrecords)[code].....

Open is the first file operation that must be performed.

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