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A fossilized trackway on public lands in Lake County, Ore., may reveal clues about the ancient family dynamics of Columbian mammoths.

"It's amazing to see this kind of interaction preserved in the fossil record." Elephants once roamed across much of North America.

Localities such as this mammoth tracksite are unique parts of America's heritage and indicate that there are many special sites still to be discovered," said study co-author Brent Breithaupt, a paleontologist in the Wyoming State Office of the Bureau of Land Management.

Specimens from the 1876 Fossil Lake excavation-along with the rest of Condon's extensive assemblage of fossils and geologic specimens-were donated to UO in the early 1900s and form the core of the museum's Condon Fossil Collection, now under Retallack's direction and boasting upwards of 50,000 fossil specimens.

The following majors require a separate application in addition to the university application and have strictly enforced deadlines for admission.

Students who plan to enter the university as majors in architecture, art, interior architecture, landscape architecture, product design, or music should be aware of the special admission requirements and the application deadlines (given below).

Art majors need to declare their major by completing the declaration form available both online and at the art office located at 198 Lawrence Hall.

Applicants who graduate from a nonaccredited high school, were homeschooled, or earned a general equivalency diploma (GED) must meet the alternative admission requirements explained in more detail online.

But, as the study reveals, the limping animal wasn't alone: Two sets of smaller footprints appeared to be approaching and retreating from the limper's trackway.

"These juveniles may have been interacting with an injured adult female, returning to her repeatedly throughout the journey, possibly out of concern for her slow progress," Retallack said.

Researchers who excavated a portion of the path found 117 footprints thought to represent a number of adults as well as juvenile and infant mammoths.

Recently excavated by a team from the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History, the Bureau of Land Management and the University of Louisiana, the trackway includes 117 footprints thought to represent a number of adults as well as juvenile and infant mammoths.

Details are in the departmental sections of this catalog.

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