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Sometimes it strikes in the oil and vinegar section. The table with only six varieties on it sold a whopping ten times more jam than the one with 24. We're entranced by a myriad of bright, new, shiny things.

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Some of it is flavoured with strawberry, banana or Belgian chocolate; some has active bacterial flora; some has extra omega-3; and some, quite possibly, is a bit like the white, plain, unmuckedabout-with, milk-flavoured stuff we all used to drink happily in the days before we turned into paranoid health freaks.

Consider, for example, that in Tesco it is now possible to buy no fewer than 38 types of milk.

Having more hospitals to choose from is no use if the waiting list is just as long and the MRSA just as prevalent.

Having more varieties of ground coffee to choose from is no ruddy use if they all mostly taste of ground, burned acorns.

The moment you buy something, you will for ever worry that somewhere out there is a similar item which is much better made and better value. Schwartz once calculated, on a trip to his local electronics store, that the range of available hi-fi separates - speakers, tuner, amplifier, CD player, tape player - meant that he could construct a possible 6.5 million different stereo systems.

Does this all mean then, that we should be urging Gordon Brown to fulfil his natural Stalinist leanings and drag our economy into Soviet-style simplicity? An excess of variety is far preferable to none at all.

Consider, too, the spectacular variety of TV programmes we can flick through now that most of us have cable.

And that's before you get to the aisle with 154 flavours of jam, or the one with 107 varieties of pasta.

In both these cases, 'choice' is being offered from the basest of motives.

Supermarkets are doing it because they think that, by dazzling their customers with excess, they'll be able to put the poor, hardworking corner shops with their more limited lines out of business.

Think of the blink-and-you've-missed-them, cheap, instant fashion trends we can buy into at Topshop, Gap, Primark, Zara or Tesco.

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