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Watching the cunningness of people trying to break people up [was interesting].The girls, say they met the guy but he didn't pick them, the girls still had access to them by text. Anything that was going on, they could come to me and I would talk with them. There was one guy who had an obsession with ironing clothes, and he tried to get the girl to iron his clothes after they just met, and she was like, "I'm not ironing your clothes after we just met!It’s Lisdoonvarna matchmaking with less Guinness and carousing and more tea and sympathy.

SARA Cox is returning to TV tonight with her new dating show - Love In The Countryside.

But, what's the programme about, how does it work, and who exactly is Sara Cox? The singles post detailed dating profiles online, hoping to attract letters from potential partners who are looking to quit city life in favour of country living.

, in which eight lonely rural romantics are matched up with potential dates and given a push in the right direction from a farmer’s daughter, radio DJ Sara Cox.

With its quaint set-up and emphasis on the isolation of the farming world, it would be easy for the show to descend into the removed archness of something like the documentary series , which seems to hold its subjects at arm’s length, observing country life as if studying a lost tribe of the Amazon.

From there, the guy decides out of the girls who like him which one he wants to pursue and then eventually they are coupled.

So if six of the 12 girls like him, he'll choose from one of the six and then they'll be on the show as a relationship. The guys are the ones that fly in and can be sent home if the woman is not feeling them.All the other girls wait for the next guy to arrive and if the girl who's coupled up doesn't like him anymore after a week — or four weeks — she can send him home and wait for the next guy. To put 21-year-olds on a dating show, they're going to fight and whatever, but these are grown-ups and they're looking for real relationships. They have things going on in their lives, but the only thing they're missing is love. Plus, we gave everyone a cell phone, so they can text each other and you get to see their text messages.I've watched a few but I felt that with other dating shows, they didn't represent America, you know?It's like the black girl gets sent home on episode three and you never get to see anybody else make it.So we have Asian-Americans and Latinas and black [people] — it's multiracial, so you get to see different people of color interact, and that's what I thought was so cool about this one.“I knew I’d get older ones and most of them I don’t find attractive,” she sighs disappointedly. ” Cox shouts, scolding forlorn singleton farmer Christine who has a less-than-enthusiastic response to the thoughts of heading back onto the dating scene as she scans through her batch of letters. Those in the modern love trenches understand that sometimes being elbow deep in a cow’s rectum is preferable to swiping through Tinder of an evening and that both mostly yield the same results.

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