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He was a man of very considerable literary ability, and in his last years he wrote a book, published by Mr.John Murray in 1860—the year before the author's death—entitled "The Prisoner of Burmah; A Personal Narrative of Two Years' Imprisonment in Burmah." Henry Gouger died while a second edition of his work was in preparation, and the preface was therefore written by his brother Alfred, who passed the edition for the press.

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The General's interpreter was a native youth of Chinese extraction, who, of course, spoke the Burmese language fluently enough, and English indifferently.

With this his knowledge ceased; he could neither write nor read the Burmese, and had not Dr.

In his preface Alfred speaks of the "perfect truthfulness and simplicity" of his brother's character, of his "good taste," of "the spirit of manly independence which characterised every act of his life," of "his energies and resources," and of "the clearness and tenacity of his powers of memory." Similar excellences appear to have attached to all the Gouger brothers—they did at all events as regarded Robert, with whose history we are alone concerned in these pages, and also as regarded Alfred, the youngest of the family.

Before passing away from our reference to Henry Gouger, one incident connected with his residence in Burmah may be recorded here.

With her son Robert, and his schemes for colonisation, she was in such full sympathy that there was scarcely a phase in the many-sided subject she did not thoroughly understand, nor a situation in which he was in perplexity in which she could not render practical aid.

To both father and mother each member of the family owed a deep debt of gratitude for the formation of their characters.

He was drowned at sea—a fate which also befell his son George—from which it is to be inferred that the business in which the family were engaged had relation to mercantile affairs connected with shipping in foreign parts.

The father of Robert Gouger was born in 1763, married in 1787, and died in 1840.

He was the father of eleven children, Robert being the youngest but one.

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