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To Preface our relationship style: They're totally open with each other and have sex with others both together and separate.They know I'm not monogamous (obvi) and I have sex with others and have the ability to form relationships with others as well if the opportunity strikes.Chasing after equality in such a situation may lead to artificial compromises that don't make anyone happy.

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How can this be managed better to lessen my feelings of being left out? I'm (S) very extroverted and need to be around those I'm in a relationship with as much as possible as I energize my love batteries that way.

Differences in emotional expression are also apparent. D and M are both introverted and need their own space together in their home they have together from time to time, which has been very difficult for me to emotionally manage.

D and I (S) aren't as physically or vocally expressive, but D texts me sweet things often when I'm not around them.

SDM has talked openly about S's need for physical and verbal support from D, so that may change in the future.

Would they be agreeable to spending more time with you individually? What is fair, is that each of the individuals express their needs and have an opportunity to consent to the relationship structure they are involved in.

This might help you feel like they are not always a combined front when you interact with them. It's not a condition of triads, but of relationships.

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My question is, how have the third's in the triad managed multiple styles of emotional expression when their needs are being more met by one (M) than the other (D)?

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