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But does that mean we shouldn’t use brown at all anymore? Brown has always been the colour of dining room tables, consoles, end tables, and coffee tables, and there’s no reason to throw all of that out.Lighter (instead of mid-tone dark) beiges will still work with the greys and brighter colours we’re seeing everywhere today, but if your home is filled top to bottom with matching espresso brown furniture, or if you’re using exclusively distressed, grey-washed wood furniture, that’s trendy.The media focuses on grey and whether it’s in or out, but the real news is that bright and happy colour is here to stay.

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You don’t have to change everything just to be able to use grey, but you DO have to understand how clean and dirty colours work together before you do anything drastic.

ou can’t suddenly paint your walls charcoal if you have a sage green sofa from the 90s, and you shouldn’t buy a charcoal sofa if your carpet is a muted 80s blue.

Many of us can even recall the forest green trend of the 80s.

The reason grey is trendy right now is that it provides a crisp backdrop to the bold, clean and colourful hues we’re all decorating with now.

One of my lovely readers recently posted this comment:“I went to my dentist and was horrified to see that they had re-done the office in dark gray on gray on gray!

No color whatsoever, but a gray plaid fabric on some of the walls, and a frenetic-patterned gray carpet.

Whatever colour you’re using, you need to know what you’re doing and why.

Every single decade has its own trendy neutral that most people will use as the foundation neutral for tile, countertops, millwork, etc. If a consumer has been coveting the look of rich brown cabinets and she finally has the money to renovate but doesn’t realize brown is out, she will still install a brown kitchen without knowing that it will instantly look over 10 years old, and really, probably closer to 15.

HOW TO USE THE COLOUR TREND IN YOUR HOME Most likely, your home has some brown in it, and maybe some of the trendy neutrals from previous decades, too.

And now you want to introduce grey without going overboard.

The colour was obviously chosen by someone who had no idea where the trends are and mostly no idea how to work with brown so that it would at least be attractive.

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