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That's billion with a "b." An avid equestrian and animal rights activist, you are going to want to be an animal lover in order to win Bloomberg's heart.

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And nice, and normal go a long way when it comes to making you the most eligible.

Her past boyfriend was David Katzenberg, to give you a sense of her type.

In order to make everyone’s lives a little easier, we decided to scour the world’s most elite women and whittle the list down to an even 20.

And don’t worry, there’s something for everyone—from royals in line to the throne to fashion tycoons that have started billion dollar empires.

Maria Sharapova, Tennis Player Age: 26 Status: Never Married Net Worth: Sharapova amassed her net-worth of $80 million from a combination of tennis prize money and endorsement deals. Not only is Sharapova a total bombshell, she also happens to be one of the most talented tennis players around. Tory Burch, CEO and Founder of Tory Burch Age: 46 Status: Twice Divorced; 3 Sons Net Worth: Forbes estimates that Burch is now worth a cool $1 billion, making her one of the few self-made women billionaires in the world.

While she was engaged, the couple broke it off in 2012. There aren't many power players out there that Burch hasn't dated—Lance Armstrong, Lyor Cohen, and her former husband Chris Burch among them.

Olsen has been working since before she could walk (literally).

The actress turned fashion entrepreneur has been linked with everyone from Justin Bartha to Johnny Depp to Lance Armstrong, to give you a sense of her eclectic taste in men.

Reportedly she's on the hunt for a younger man (wink, wink). Arnault had one of the most expensive weddings in history in 2005—her wedding dress was designed by John Galliano and the venue was filled with 5,000 white roses.

Charlotte Casiraghi, Fourth in Line to Monaco Throne Age: 26 Status: Never Married Net Worth: Casiraghi's family is worth over billion. Unfortunately not all fairy tales end well and Arnault divorced.

Erin Heatherton, Model Age: 24 Status: Never Married Net Worth: Heatherton is worth several million, and rising. Victoria Traina Age: 29 Status: Never Married Net Worth: Between her famous mother, author Danielle Steele, and her entrepreneur father, Traina's family is worth an estimated 0 million.

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