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Dunmore (meaning ‘great fort’ in Irish) Cave is a limestone cave located about 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) to the north of Kilkenny City, near Castlecomer.

Within the cave, there is around 300 meters (99 feet) of known passages and caverns.

Some have speculated that they were in use since Neolithic times, i.e. C., and that aurochs horns were used as mining tools.

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Yet, whether there were as many as a thousand victims, or perhaps less, is another question.

The mysterious man-made caves in Belgium burrow thousands of feet into the soft rock south of Brussels.

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One of the rocks found there was tuff, a type of soft volcanic rock which is rich in calcium carbonate.

It is unclear when humans first mined the grottoes.

When they arrived at Dunmore Cave, they found a large number of women and children hiding in it.

Allegedly hoping to capture them alive so that they could then be sold as slaves, the Vikings devised a plan to drive them out of the cave.

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