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On Tuesday, May 29 global coffee chain Starbucks closed down around 8,000 of its stores in the U. While Roseanne Barr may be finally facing the consequences for her actions, the same cannot be said for millions of others in this country.

On the very same day, ABC cancelled its highly rated reboot “Roseanne” over the sitcom star’s racist Twitter rant (or as she called it, a “joke”) about former presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett.

That our president’s tacit and not so subtle embrace of racism has become a cancer that is eating away at our national psyche at an alarming rate.

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and one of the jobless guys says it's because they were fast with swearing at a manager ... Smith claims the manager on duty flipped out and told them to "get the f*** away from the car." Now here's the big mistake ...

we're told Smith yelled back, "Chill the f*** out" -- something boss men don't take kindly to. Rawlings tells TMZ he's had nothing but problems with the 2 guys.

And for all our talk of unconscious bias, what we’re seeing right now is really not unconscious at all.

When a woman calls the police on a group of black picnickers in Oakland, that is In May, Childish Gambino’s music video, “This Is America” went viral due in large part to its powerful indictment of violence, especially violence against black people.— Be A King (@Bernice King) May 10, 2018And on March 18, an unarmed, 22-year-old black man named Stephon Clark was shot to death by police in his grandmother’s California backyard.

Videos of the incident show it took several minutes for the officers involved to administer aid as Clark bled out in front of them.

There is a reason why white extremists like Richard Spencer have been some of Trump’s biggest fans. Trump (@real Donald Trump) May 30, 2018It reminds me of Charlottesville, Virginia last summer, when Trump made excuses for the acts of white extremists and racists.

Worse, in the wake of Roseanne’s rant, the president refused to condemn her tweet, and instead asked why Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that “ABC does not tolerate comments like those” made by Roseanne Barr. Trump to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC. His constant attacks on immigrants of color, and his reference to African nations as “shithole” countries, has created an environment that emboldens white supremacy and racism.

After a store manager called the police on two men sitting in a store located in the mostly white upper middle-class Rittenhouse suburb of Philadelphia, the CEO of Starbucks apologized and met with the pair.

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