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Introverts are more like cats where extroverts are more like dogs.

Introverts can have an army of friends, but if you see them needing a lot of space and time on their own, they're probably lean more on the introverted side.

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Myers Briggs is a popular personality testing that places people into 1 of 16 personalities.

These personalities are based on four spectrums: introversion to extroversion, sensing to intuition, thinking to feeling, and judging to perceiving.

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When you truly know your personality type – you will be able to identify what types of lovers you are already attracting AND which lovers you’d actually like to attract.

We invite you join us for “Personality Types in Dating & Attraction.”We’ll be honest – we’re in love with all of this content.The more you know how the personalities work, the easier it will be to type someone.You may have a situation where you can actually have someone take the test, but that may seem awkward to the individual.Some people get more charged by ideas while others get energy by being around people.An introvert does not mean that a person is socially awkward or incapable, it means that they recharge their batteries by ideas and can get more easily drained by social situations.They can go much longer in periods of isolation and not struggle with it.

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