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So, to answer your question, I thought I didn’t relate. You’ve actually started your own race series based loosely off the comic. I thought, I’ve got the ven diagram of people who like running and people who like The Oatmeal.I thought I was a runner that was out on his own doing it for this very weird reason. Let’s create an event for them to come together and run. I think a lot of race directors and races are just so sterile and serious.

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And it all began with free online dating site Mingle2. Instead of simply emailing people and saying “check out my new dating site LOLz”, he created some awesome quizzes and cartoons.

It was Matt’s idea and he took it from a nugget of hope nestled inside his brain, to a live working site in just 66.5 working hours. Like 9 Reasons Not To Date a Tyrannosaurus Rex (a personal favourite): It’s a fantastic collection of weird and wonderful things — often based in truth (yes, even the length of time you could survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor). We should all know at least five reasons pigs are more awesome than us, and of course, how to ride a pony. So I was going to write about The Oatmeal, and how awesome it is, when I suddenly thought, hey, that Matthew Inman guy probably isn’t that busy.

Inman responded by replacing one hotlinked file on his server with a message telling Huff Po not to steal his work.

Another one he replaced with drawings of a “butt and pee pee.” A couple of days later, Inman published the comic above.

Many runners identify with you because of your comics, but do you identify with other runners?

I thought I didn’t, because I assumed I was the only runner who was out there doing it to atone for the crimes I commit at home—you know, food crimes.When you think about your self-image, do you still see yourself as a fat person? And every day I live in fear that, oh god, I’m going to stop running, and I’m going to gain 50 pounds and not be able to fit through the door. Nothing wrong with the company—I wear their clothes.But you just learn to cope with the fact that that’s a monster that’s here to stay. Their shoes and my feet don’t agree with each other.Then he started running, and everything fell into place. I get a lot of junk mail calls, like, ' Want to refinance your home? Most people have no idea what I look like, so I’m kind of anonymous. I’ve always phrased it that I treat my body pretty horribly most of the time, and running is the one thing I feel counteracts it.It takes a third call to get him on the phone—he's more wary of telemarketers than eager fans. ' I don’t answer my phone unless it’s someone on my contact list these days. I’ll eat crap food and I’ll be lazy, but as long as I got a run in that day, everything’s going great.I was at the time working a day job at a computer, and at night I was doing contract jobs at a computer. But I established this idea that if I could just make it to the next light pole or stop sign or tree, I would keep going.

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