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Hundreds of thousands of texts and text fragments have been excavated to date, covering a vast textual tradition of mythological narrative, legal texts, scientific works, correspondence, political and military events, and many other examples.

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Nor is there any coordination in the other direction; the syllable -ša-, for example, is rendered by the sign ŠA, but also by the sign NĪĜ.

Both of these are often used for the same syllable in the same text.

This novel word order is due to the influence of the Sumerian substratum, which has an SOV order.

Additionally Akkadian is the only Semitic language to use the prepositions ina and ana (locative case, English in/on/with, and dative-locative case, for/to, respectively).

In contrast to most other Semitic languages, Akkadian has only one non-sibilant fricative: ḫ .

Akkadian lost both the glottal and pharyngeal fricatives, which are characteristic of the other Semitic languages.

However, it began to decline during the Neo-Assyrian Empire around the 8th century BC, being marginalized by Aramaic during the reign of Tiglath-Pileser III.

By the Hellenistic period, the language was largely confined to scholars and priests working in temples in Assyria and Babylonia.

For centuries, Akkadian was the native language in Mesopotamian nations such as Assyria and Babylonia.

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