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In order to make a reservation, we require the name of the organizer, a phone number and the number of players.

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With the exception of walk-on days, which open at a.m., we are very group driven, so we do not have set open and close times.

We open when the first group is booked in and close when the groups are done or when it gets dark, whatever comes first.

You will need to confirm your participation by a return e-mail no later than January 9, 2018.

Should you confirm your participation, you must make your If selected, you must register to one of the following six (6) credits course code: SCS3210 (if you have completed 54 credits by April 2018) SCS4210 (if you have completed 81 credits by April 2018) ECH4210 (only for student in the Conflict Studies and Human Rights program) Registration will take place at room FSS3001. Undergraduate and Graduate students will not be able to participate in the June convocation as because they must maintain their registration throughout the summer semester. The Faculty will handle the procurement of airline tickets along with everything related to your visit during the field study course.

Tickets are available for purchase for the rescheduled date.

Please read the form carefully before completing it. When you have submitted your online application you will received a confirmation of admission request e-mail.Nothing ruins a good time faster than being overshot by Rambo.However, if you walk in without a reservation, we cannot control who you play with. If players do not respect the rules of the game and do not keep a reasonable distance, it could sting when you are hit.We have a strict surrender rule that must be followed and will be explained during the safety briefing. We have a very large facility and maintaining it is very costly.At Commando Paintball, we ensure our equipment does not surpass the field limit and we only use top quality paintballs. Also, and less important to you cost-conscious folks, we have very large bodies of water and various species of wildlife and outside paintballs could contaminate our water and poison our animals. We do not have a restaurant on-site, so we allow outside food or non-alcoholic beverages on the property.With many local performers, artisans, great local food and local craft breweries as well as drawing on the traditions of other Bavarian festivals around the world, Oktoberfest Ottawa has grown to be THE major fall heritage festival celebrating the history and heritage of rural Eastern Ontario.

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