Ten rules for dating my sister

Granted, im in a situation where my sister actually takes my council which isnt the same in every familyactually in retrospect it might have been my sister who awkwardly asked for permission....I can't really remember, either way I really didn't want to be the "bad guy" who got in their way, and I didn't feel like I had much of a choice and asking me was more of a formalityyeah same here.

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If both parties are okay with it being just sex and can keep it that way, excellent! It does seem like OP just wants to bang said friend's younger sis, as he doesn't even know her age and is simply "getting some signals." I would advise OP not to muddy the waters of his friendship.

The problem is that my sister can't keep up the just sex kind of relationship for any length of time beyond a couple weeks. It'd be far different if she's 17 or 18, something like that, but a 22 year old woman can make her own doesn't seem like many people in here have the perspective of being "the friend" in question.

Of course, some relationships end worse than others and sides don't always need to be 'chosen'. Even a very good friend will ditch you if you complicate his life too much, because he probably can't ditch his sister. If you just want to bang your friend's sister... I would not have an issue with my friends just sleeping with my sister if that is what they are both into. I don't feel the need to protect my sister's "purity" or any of that type of shit.

you can probably find a different lay that won't screw up your friendship. I'm also not friends with any guys who jerk girls around emotionally so that might be why I wouldn't care. I don't understand why so many family members feel like they have some entitlement or evolutionary role to protect their female family member's innocence. If I trust them both not to hurt each other, why should I care?

It was kind of shitty after that, my "friend" definitely assumed the role of my "sisters boyfriend" more than the role of my "friend", if you understand what I mean.

When they broke up it took a while to heal things between us, a few years. I don't regret them dating, but it definitely wasn't ideal.2nd this.i have a similar story.

If I don't think one is good for the other, I'll say something, but people have to live their own lives and make their own mistakes. There are a number of guys who have said that it's fine as long as it's a serious relationship, but not if it's casual.

Which makes me wonder if they've ever considered the possibility that their sisters might actually enjoy something casual. Why would a sibling, especially a younger sibling, be any different?

Anything else seems like disrespecting her ability to make her own decisions. I am as protective of my kid brothers as my older brother was with me, though.

Ina lot of families, it's just taking care of the younger ones, regardless of gender. It's about not putting her into a situation where she gets hurt because she slept with my friend thinking there was something there that was to my friend, just sex.

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