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In these types of relationships, risk-taking behaviors are often solicited by a boyfriend or girlfriend as evidence of caring.

Emotions become currency, or bargaining points, and distort normal feelings of caring and affection that we would want our adolescents to carry into their adult relationships.

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For us, it was a wake-up call about how we had to do more than just trust him.” Chris and Jane aren’t alone in their situation.

A recent Family Circle magazine survey revealed that 25 percent of teens have experienced harassment in dating relationships, 71 percent have had rumors spread about them by partners, and 75 percent of parents report not knowing about their teen being physically hurt or bruised by their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Often, parents are surprised to find that their teens’ boyfriend and girlfriend relationships can become frightening mine-fields in a short period of time.

And it is often the psychological features of the situation that are the most harmful, and can be emotionally damaging for a long time afterward.

As we have discussed, ending the relationship may be the step to take, although parents should realize that this will not eliminate feelings of attachment that occur even in abusive relationships.

You may be surprised at how submissive and reactive your child has already become in response to a dysfunctional boyfriend or girlfriend.“He seemed honestly happy, he was really good at hiding what was going on,” Chris describes.“We didn’t find out until later how manipulative his girlfriend was being with him. I guess he felt like he was protecting her.” Chris and Jana noticed that Michael was becoming increasingly irritable and moody.In some cases, this might involve contacting the parents of the other teen and discussing concerns about the kind of communication and behavior occurring in the relationship.Parents should to set limits on the type of communication that is acceptable, for example, requiring teens to end phone calls that involve accusatory name-calling or manipulative threats.Early relationships in middle and older adolescence are, how should we describe it,… Remember Romeo and Juliet, the 13 year-olds from feuding families that Shakespeare tragically paired together in 15th century Verona?

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