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I would not like it if you constantly nagged me either. In fact, now that the guests are coming over, we can finally have a good time without all these negative feelings, and if anyone asks, I'll just ask them to let you be."How it Works: One, your tone is calm, you're not angry or demanding, this in itself is such a change from the negative emotions of before that he will be forced to think about what you're saying and not how you're saying it; and two, by providing an unpleasant option (in this case, that his friends are coming over and they will see the house in a mess) you're forcing him to think about the less unpleasant option, i.e. What You Usually Do: You pass sarcastic comments and taunts, shout in anger, and make a scene when she's not ready on time.Using Reverse Psychology: Say you'll are meeting some friends for dinner, this is what you do―be exactly the opposite of your hyper self and put on a calm and composed personality. Then say that you've told your friends to start off without you and that you will try to make it by dinner.

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How it Works: You're not shouting at her or accusing her, you are simply stating what is the truth and when she hears the truth (that there is no pressing reason for her to not be ready on time), she will be forced to think about it.

Secondly, knowing that your friends now think she is always late, she will want to change their opinion by being on time; and third, she may be angry at you for saying this to your friends and will want to be ready on time just to prove you wrong.

What You Usually Do: Your boyfriend gets very stubborn when it comes to social events, not making any efforts to go and backing out at the last minute leaving you to go all alone.

You either plead with him or have an argument with him about wanting to go but to no avail.

She asked whether you have any pressing work for missing the function, and I said you don't like parties and would rather spend your time sitting at home.

And then she started laughing and said you wouldn't know how to behave at the party any way because you never attend any."How it Works: By using an example of your friend and stating her views about him, you've taken the issue beyond the parameters of you two and into the world. But if you aren't going to take a bath, bed time it is.

We know the basic crux of how this technique works―by telling someone they can't do something, you get them to do exactly that.

For this to work, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind and a few rules followed.

Interestingly, this technique does not work on people who have low self-esteem and those are more likely to accept defeat.

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