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He may have only been 17, but Taylor Hanson had a plan. Zac never wanted to be the person he is now, and he doesn’t know whether to blame himself or Taylor.

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News that the actress got engaged to Alex Greenwald in March during a trip to Tokyo.

This past Saturday she was spotted wearing an engagement ring while she hosted an episode of SNL.

Later, his relationship with his so called boyfriend was proved to be rumors. There were several occasions where he was rumored to be gay.

None of the rumors are proven and unless Taylor announces about his preferences, no one can make conclusions.

He said that it was scary and he never knew that he could do it.

There are a lot of rumors which are still unsettled. He is the lead singer and also plays bongos, guitar, keyboard, harmonica and many other instruments. He said that it was a love at first sight and he got attracted to her, when he met her. Taylor said that he was fell in love with her, quite soon. Natalie was 18 years and was pregnant with his child. There are rumors that he cheated on Natalie with an extramarital affair and she was on the brim of divorce.They dated for two years and then, got married in 2002. However, there were no evidences to prove the same and Taylor proved them wrong, when Natalie announced that she was pregnant with the fifth child.It was said that when Taylor’s parents came to know about her pregnancy, they were very mad at Taylor and arranged for the wedding. It was said that Taylor refused to send Natalie to college as he had enough money to take care of her.Natalie never talked about his decision in her personal life to anyone, including her friends.He had a very secret wedding that most of his friends knew about it, only after a few days.

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