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To imply that Chakras are the bodies sexual centers is very wrong Very good, very erotic to see this done outside in the sun. As in my previous comments in a Alex on girl massage, please let Alex get in the receiving end of a massage like this. Please let Alex be on the receiving end as well the girl. I agree with the "yes" comment - Ariel's perfect asshole is beautifully displayed and is just begging fo come licking and tongue action - so why not??

What about Ariel and Alex in a dual massage, let them make love to each other, how erotic that would be ? In a previous "massage session" Alex and Serena were actually making love to each other. If the operative finds it repugnant, please give me a call.

When the masseuse leads her to the table, you can feel her letting go. As he hugs her, presses on her chakras, and applies warm oil to her smooth skin, she melts into the steamy air. I'm not usually a fan of beards, but every part of him is delicious.

Her body is perfect, and he treats it like the temple it is. There needs to be a video of him getting eaten from behind too.

BTW - I don't care for the blonde hair - she is much more sexy with it natural I knew she would get on her knees and stick her ass and pussy up and let him eat her and finger her. definitely some of the hottest sequences of having her pussy licked and fingered - even some creamy girl come at the end - looks better with long black hair though - lastly - 45 minutes without a hard cock ???

Why didn't he also lick and finger her ass hole?

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Damn that's hot, love those kinds of sloppy lippy mouth finishes....swallowing is great too but sometimes I wanna see the fruit of my woman's efforts. THE WWOMAN OF THE VIDEO TALKING THINKS THAT BECASUE SHE SHOWA 4 BUDDHA STATUES AND HAVE COUPLES TPUCHING OF HAVING SEX IT IS TANTRA....

She's fucking sexy as hell too, exotic with great tits !!!

Never seen a girl this pretty openly want a guy to eat her pussy and finger fuck her so much as Ariel. His fingers are dripping with her wet pussy juice and she even lifts up her pussy to his mouth and cums again.

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