Symantec antivirus client not updating

Some websites have been compromised, redirecting traffic to malicious websites that host Trojan.Zeroaccess and distribute it using the Blackhole Exploit Toolkit and the Bleeding Life Toolkit. It also updates itself through peer-to-peer networks, which makes it possible for the authors to improve it as well as potentially add new functionality.

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The threat creates an encrypted hidden volume in the computer's file system where it stores all of its components.

Not only does it store all of its components in the hidden volume, it can also hide any other malicious software that it downloads onto the computer there as well. Tidserv There is strong evidence to suggest that there are link between Trojan.

Zeroaccess and another malware with advanced rootkit capabilities, Backdoor. But whether the creators of the two malware are the same or not is not known.

It is possible that the same person created the code for both pieces of malware and sold them to different gangs on the black market.

Discovered: July 13, 2011 Updated: November 29, 2013 AM Type: Trojan Infection Length: Varies Systems Affected: Windows CVE References: CVE-2009-1672 | CVE-2010-1885 | CVE-2006-0003 | CVE-2009-1671 | CVE-2008-2992 | CVE-2009-0927 | CVE-2009-4324 Trojan.

Zeroaccess is a Trojan horse that uses an advanced rootkit to hide itself.Users are recommended to turn on automatic updates if available so that their computers can receive the latest patches and updates when they are made available.This threat is known to be spread by through the Blackhole Exploit Toolkit and the Bleeding Life Toolkit, which exploits certain vulnerabilities.It is also capable of downloading updates of itself to improve and/or fix functionality of the threat.It is also know to download software onto compromised computers in order to mine bitcoins for the malware creators.Bitcoin mining with a single computer is a futile activity, but when it is performed by leveraging the combined processing power of a massive botnet, the sums that can be generated is considerable.

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