Swtor an error occurred updating

If you get in, prepare yourself for the few issues here and there but don’t worry.Our troubleshooting guide will get you started with the biggest MMO game of the year. If you can’t connect to your server in Star Wars: The Old Republic, make sure it isn’t down for maintenance by visiting this link. First adjust your system mouse sensitivity then adjust ‘Camera Rotation Speed’ option to adjust your overwhelming mouse rotation. If you are trying to redeem your game card now, you may get an error because you can’t redeem your game cards or add subscriptions before 15th December. You launch the game and are presented with a black screen but you can hear the sound in the background.

However the process does not remove all files - XML configurations are intentionally left in place; in order to fully remove the application, please delete the directory Please note you can safely reinstall Star Parse at any time, all your settings (i.e.

configurations XML - see Files and configuration) are always going to be preserved (i.e.

When the game launches, go to options and change the default refresh rate and resolution.

If that doesn’t resolve, update your graphics card drivers.

Or you can re-download the client and choose to re-install the game to fix the issue.

8# Can’t change the graphics settings Repair the launcher and re-enter the game options. You can fix this issue by restarting your PC and then launching the running the game launcher as admin.The exact reason is being investigated, however the following is often true: When using Windows DPI text scaling set to 125% (or 150% on 4k screens; see the screenshot), Star Parse may fail to render correctly and its UI can become either too big, too small and/or its menu may stop working.This may also be true when using multiple screens (and/or with different DPI scaling).ATI users should get rid of the 11.8 driver version. Installation of the Main Assets 17 results in this error.6# Account says you have to enter a code While you already have pre-ordered the game and are eligible for early access.Avast, Ad Aware, AVG, Zone Alarm, etc.): Three Options in "Zone Alarm - Internet Security Suite" to change - Anti-virus/Anti-Spyware (Exclude scanning and processes) - Advanced Firewall (Open Ports / Network zones) - Application Control (Open Access to specific Applications IN/OUT) Found that I had to create a VIRUS TREATMENT EXCEPTION in the Antivirus/Anti-Spyware Settings for the Star PROCESS in order to join server groups.

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