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I then clearly heard Gerald being asked whether I had been smoking and to tell the truth or get extra.

Overall, more than half the girls had been given the slipper in class as well as the class punishment, but all the boys had been given the slipper in class and most had visited the headmaster for the cane or slipper.

Of the girls, 10 had visited the Headmaster; 7 got 6 with the slipper over their knickers and 3 got 6 with the cane.

The colour combo is also repeated in the lounge tab.

As some of you may have previously noticed, a 3-D chenille swoosh has been taking the Nike sneaker world by storm this season, with the Air Force 1 to the Blazer Low baring the new signature design. Held in classic white, these bad-boys feature the swoosh in a bold red and blue combination that stretches all the way to the heel tab in chenille material that really makes the emblem pop out.

The fellow in our example links quickly to a binary code translator where the reader can determine that the headline reads, "Made ya look! Make up your own unique headline, whether using colorful or action oriented words/phrasing, or clever, humorous phrases. I admit that I find binary code sexy (Click here to decipher code here) and get off on activities which challenge the brain as well as the body.

I think I tend to break the stereotype of the math/code nerd by also rowing crew, building tree houses, and learning Japanese.Take it from us, we've seen just about every drab, typical, and downright cringe-worthy dating profile headline or tagline out there.While most people are hesitant to stand out from the crowd, we put our money on attracting the type of person interested in by putting your personality out there and letting it shine by using our two proven strategies.He would also, on rare occasions, also cane both boys and girls in the same way.I, along with my 3 closest friends Sylvia, Linda and Amy, had never been punished apart from when all the class got two with the slipper in the second year when we were making a noise as our teacher was late arriving. The Swoosh for example, is being taking through major changes by Nike.

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