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These new Swiss citizenship requirements were designed to ease the qualifying process for Swiss nationality, although they will negatively affect foreigners who have not held a settlement permit C during their years of Swiss residence.Some of the most notable changes to Swiss citizenship requirements will include: Due to these new laws, residents who do not hold a Permit C but meet the current conditions of citizenship (12 years of residence) are being advised to consider applying before all changes are implemented, as they will no longer qualify for Swiss citizenship thereafter.It was the fifth time this issue was put the ballot box, the first being in 1983.

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Find out if you can apply for either Swiss citizenship or permanent residence, which option offers you the best benefits, and what you need for your Swiss citizenship application.

This comprehensive guide covers Swiss permanent residence, Swiss citizenship and getting a Swiss passport: A new Swiss Citizenship Act will come into force in January 2018, which will substantially change the Swiss citizenship requirements, the most notable being that applicants must hold a settlement C permit to qualify.

Residents in Switzerland who currently qualify for becoming a Swiss citizen are being advised to review whether their rights to Swiss citizenship will be revoked under the new measures, which are predicted to affect some 650,000 foreigners in Switzerland.

Other reforms include unifying certain conditions across the cantons, for example, requirements to show language fluency and not accessing any social welfare benefits in the three years before applying.

Several cantons reported significant increases in citizenship applications in 2016.

Those with dual nationality are also able to enter diplomatic positions as of January 2017, revoking a previous 'obsolete' and 'discriminatory' ban and rejecting the view that such citizens are less loyal or patriotic.

You can find the contact details for your specific canton immigration office, or click here to find the addresses of federal, cantonal and communal authorities and online access via their websites.

Changes to the Swiss citizenship process adopted in 2014 are expected to come into force in January 2018, although confusion exists as some cantons have mentioned dates of 2017.

In February 2017, the Swiss passed a vote to make it easier for the grandchildren of immigrants to gain nationality, approved by 60.4 percent of voters and a majority of cantons.

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