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Then be not coy, but use your time, And while ye may go marry : For having lost but once your prime You may for ever tarry.i heard this poem in Dead poets soc.

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The first 10 chapters are short, it was to get me writing again after the death of my mother in june.

Being bipolar i had a major attack and wasnt able to get anything written. Finally the gem of this idea came and i started putting out 1200 to 1700 word chapters.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Testament, which has - consistently - some of the most interesting, engaging, and high-quality historical recording releases on the market.

The Keilberth with Furtwängler, and some interesting - if not great - Mahler recordings of Barbirolli with the Berliner Philharmoniker come immediately to mind) of similar quality for various reasons.

Or she does, but with lots of friends under the command of Commander Jason Wallington.

Battlestar Chiron: The Titan class Battlestar Chiron is preparing for a new mission.It is probably a fact that Testament has one of the best cycles on the market in their catalog at the moment.Still, it sat in Decca's vaults for fifty-one years, and that company showed no real interest in releasing it.NOTICE: To all you people who wont log in or turn your pms on so i can respond.Dont bother leaving comments or questions if you cant log in or turn your pms on.Especially when you havent written your own stories. I am a disabled writer with bipolar, and have nine books in print, six of them can be found on or Barnes and Noble. I write Military Scifi, fantasty, fanfic, MC and alien abduction/time travel stories on my site. Turned into a museum ship, forty years after the war she's sent on a secret mission.

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