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Many times, people would bargain for me to try it, or do their best to insist that they had somehow deserved it.Still, I was able to see the aggression that came from some was equally matched by curiosity or praise from others. When I passed on whatever meat was placed in front of me, people would go one of two ways; in to argument, or in to reinforcement. A subculture that demands casting off a certain number of social norms, all varying interpretations of the label include abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

I made it through University, the dorm rooms, the parties, the relationships, and was still sure of who I wanted to be, and even more clearly, what I didn’t want to be a part of.

That’s when it became easier to stop participating in events where I knew drugs and alcohol would be heavily present.

With my veganism being first and foremost for animals, and not for reasons of health or the environment, I’m not put off by this assumption.

But truthfully, my discomfort with drugs and alcohol doesn’t come close to my hatred for animal use.

Again, living in a way that was destructive to myself and those around me would envelop the veganism I was rooting in the same freedoms for animals.

Since the two are so similar, people often ask if my straight edge stems from ethics.And if someone cares deeply for themselves and the people around them, it’s not crazy to think that they should add animals to that.Being both straight edge and vegan, I have learned to align myself with the things I believe in.Living a life of non-violence starts with me, and extends out to all sentient beings.SIMMO wears black and sports tattoos, has ears pierced as wide as your thumb and delights in slamming into people at hard core, heavy metal music gigs. Born in the USA as a reaction to the ultra-violent lyrics of 1980s punk music, Straight Edge is now a growing youth subculture in which the kids don't take drugs, don't drink alcohol and shun promiscuity.Some argued they could never do that, but that I was doing the right thing. So for all the years I had spent saying no to drinks, there was a foreshadowing to what would happen when I said no to meat.

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