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'Slim-Fast contains soya fibre, which is good, and I would encourage a low-fat, high-fibre meal in the evening, with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Where everyone has the right intentions - to just meet people? Let's mix it up and meet eligible single professionals in Boston!

We will provide the atmosphere, event hosts, and lite bites to keep your energy up.

Stacey (1965), "Inequity in social exchange", in Berkowitz, Leonard (Ed), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol.

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 21,485-489.

Guar Gum (E412): Gum used as thickening agent and stabiliser.

Has been used to help diabetics control their blood-sugar levels.

The manufacturer claims Slim-Fast is based on traditional calorie counting.

Many slimmers underestimate the number of calories they are eating; Slim-Fast servings are controlled, as well as providing all the nutrients needed.

We have an icebreaker organized to help you get chatting.

When you register, let us know a fun fact about yourself. REGISTER HEREGeneral Admission Tickets are until March 29th.

Just want to meet someone in person and have a real conversation?

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